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Sadie is a personal trainer, freelance writer, and sports performance coach living in the heart of downtown Fargo with her two furry co-pilots. She coins herself as a mix of Lady Gaga and Woody Harrelson, embracing her love of all things extravagantly unique while staying grounded by her rural roots and down-to-earth soul. Her bubbly nature and slight potty mouth makes her Minnesota nice with a little bit of spice. She is always striving to make you feel safe and at home in her presence, like a campfire to keep you warm as you explore territories unknown.


By the time Sadie was 19, she had founded North Dakota’s first and only year-round indoor volleyball + training facility/academy, while simultaneously surviving an abusive relationship. At 21, she is now advocating for more education surrounding domestic violence, believing that communication about the subject needs to be much more prevalent than it currently is, especially when educating adolescents. Along with this, she is a huge supporter of mental health prioritization, knowing that a healthy body can only truly be achieved with a healthy mind. After struggling with ADHD, depression, and anxiety for over 10 years, Sadie has made it her mission to stop giving power to the people and things that do not empower her by fueling her body, mind, and spirit with goodness + helping others do the same along the way. 


Through writing, Sadie has found a way to open up about her experiences as a young entrepreneur, survivor of domestic violence, and as a former athlete and coach. She aspires to use critical thinking and unbiased, independent research in order to bring forth ideas, criticisms, and connections that will aid in the betterment of the communities she cares about, from health & wellness, to sports performance, to social critical theory. One of Sadie’s long-time favorite quotes from the Universal Man, Leonardo Da Vinci, inspires her each day to ask questions that aren’t being asked, and answer to problems that aren’t being solved through the power of exploration and association. This quote reads, “To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”. In her writing, you will find Sadie using philosophical principles in order to understand every perspective, so that she may give recognition to all factors, being conscious of all known and unknown variables. This leaves her readers with their own questions and newfound ideas, an unbiased perspective to trust, and hopefully, a clear comprehension of what she brought to light. 


Sadie is extremely passionate about taking in all that life has to offer. Experiences like completing hikes on a staggering western mountain range, watching a sunrise over a still lake, and feeling the mist of a waterfall on her sunburnt skin are just a few things that fuel her flame for living. She will often mention that her biggest fear is one day laying on a hospital bed with the knowledge that death is near, and not believing deep within herself that she did every possible thing she could have done to make the world a better place. Her fear of missing out on improving the lives of others, accomplishing every single thing she could accomplish, and creating true happiness instills a force within her so strong that it becomes wonderfully transcendental. 

Her Why


Sadie strongly believes in the power of community, love, and empathy. Through her experiences on both sides of the eating disorder spectrum, through healing, and with the enlightenment that movement and pure, intentional eating has brought her, she lives to help others begin to recognize their immeasurable potential and deservingness of a healthy life. As a coach, she has become infatuated with experiencing the moment when she sees the light turn on, the moment that she sees excuses wither to the wind and words of conquer take over. This monumental time is the rebirth of her clients, the reincarnation of souls that have been lost, doubted, made to feel lesser than or unworthy of. Sadie strongly believes that this recognition of conscience beauty and forgiveness is when you will begin to feel all of the power you’ve been holding on to make its dynamic and now everlasting appearance. This journey will not be easy, in fact, it might get pretty damn ugly. But it is important to remember that something as elegantly complex and divinely made as you constitutes a rather intense and extraordinary process. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and while you are much more phenomenal, your highest state of wellbeing won’t be built in a day either, baby. Furthermore, you’re going to have a smoking hot bod that feels just as good as it looks.

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